We have both served in missions with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) over the past decade. Daniel joined YWAM in 1998 when he did his Discipleship Training School (DTS) on board the Anastasis. He moved to YWAM Harpenden in 1999 and since then has served in the areas of discipleship and communications. For the past 10 years he has been part of the communications team serving both local and international projects specialising in web design along with staffing and leading DTS’s. Wendy did her DTS at YWAM Harpenden in 2002 after she came to England for a 6 week youth conference. 18 months after her DTS joined staff with YWAM Ecuador and moved to be on staff at YWAM Harpenden since 2006. She has served as the registrar, student housing co-ordinator along with staffing and leading DTS’s.

Discipleship Training School

A major passion for Daniel and Wendy is discipling young people. They have served together on a number of different schools as part of the staff team and as the school leaders. We see how the DTS can impact lives in many different ways. Every person we’ve seen come and do a DTS has come away with a deeper relationship with God. Through the outreach we see how the trainees have been able to put all the understanding and deepening of that relationship with God into practice as they serve the people of the nations they go to.


The communications team at YWAM Harpenden serve both YWAM Harpenden locally and YWAM internationally. Daniel has led this team for the past few years. He has been in charge of designing the website for YWAM Harpenden (www.ywamharpenden.org). The vision behind the communications work is to enable people to easily find out about YWAM and be able to pursue a calling into missions. He has also served on various international projects in the areas of graphic design, web design and video production.



Youth With A Mission, often known simply as YWAM is an international, interdenominational missions movement. It begin in 1960 with the vision of Loren Cunningham to see young people going as missionaries to every part of the world. Today YWAM is in over 140 countries with over 1500 full time staff.

Everyone in YWAM is responsible for raising their own financial support. Through this support we have been able to be part of bringing God’s kingdom in different nations around the world.




For the past few years we had a growing desire to see a YWAM team serving in Cornwall. Cornwall is the western most county of England. An area of great beauty where many visit during the holidays in the summer it is also an area often forgotten. It is one of the poorest regions of the UK due to being so far from most of the business and industry regions of the UK. We have felt called by God to go and pioneer a new team in Cornwall that would be able to reach out and minister within this region.

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