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In 1997 Daniel stepped on board the Anastasis, a medical ship that was part of Mercy Ships (at that time a ministry of YWAM), when it was visiting his home city. He immediately felt he was meant to live there. A year later in 1998 he began his 6 month Discipleship Training School on board. During this time he felt a strong calling from God to continue to serve in missions and had been invited to join staff at YWAM Harpenden, just north of London. In 1999 he moved to Harpenden and served there for about 18 years.

During his time in Harpenden he met Wendy who had come to England for a youth conference he was part of. They stayed in touch for a couple of years until they began dating in 2004. This led Daniel to move to Ecuador for a year where he and Wendy were married before moving back to Harpenden in 2006.

His passions are in the area of communications, particularly web-design and discipleship. He has worked with Discipleship Training Schools since 2001 and YWAM Harpenden’s communications team. 

He and Wendy now co-lead the team at YWAM Immerse Cornwall having moved to Cornwall in 2017 to pioneer a new YWAM location.


Daniel teaches on the areas of web design, specialising in WordPress and Photoshop.

He also loves seeing people realising their identity in God and will co-teach with Wendy in the area of God’s original design.


Wendy first visited YWAM Harpenden in 2002. Having volunteered with YWAM in Ecuador, working for Compassion International and being part of hosting an outreach team from YWAM Harpenden she was encouraged to come to Harpenden for a conference to prepare young people for revival. 6 weeks after arriving she found herself staying to be part of a DTS. 

After returning to Ecuador she and Daniel stayed in touch for a couple of years. After a while Wendy felt prompted by God that he wanted her to serve with YWAM. Feeling led to go to Switzerland in 2004 to study with YWAM’s School of Design, it was during this school Daniel was able to visit and they began dating.

After returning to Ecuador Daniel joined Wendy in 2005. During their year in Ecuador as they prepared for getting married they were asked to pray about returning to YWAM Harpenden. And so in 2006 they returned to England. 

Wendy has a passion for hospitality and discipleship. She loves celebrating, especially with food, showing God’s love, speak and lift their identity through the prophetic to others. She served YWAM Harpenden in a number of areas, pioneering the registrar department that would handle all of the applications for YWAM Harpenden’s training schools. She also was the house manager for 90 bed accommodation for all the students at YWAM Harpenden.


Wendy regularly teaches on YWAM Discipleship Training Schools on Identity and Freedom.

To invite Wendy for speaking engagements please contact her by one of the means below.

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