Transition And New Ministries

Our team and ministry

We have started a community garden and pottery ministry. These ministries are to help and support well being. Each of them are running once a week and it has been such a fruitful time.

We have had these last months lots going on.
 Freedom Seminar for churches.– for one of our local churches and it was amazing to see how many attended.
– Working alongside others.- We served in a youth event that attracts more than 150 teenagers in the county and always it is a blessing to be part of this event alongside with other organisations.
– Local Outreach.-  Churches from a specific location called Camborne have been doing worship in the street and it has been so fruitful and so many nice conversations with people about God. We have been supporting events through playing in worship and street evangelism.
– Worship.- We have been more involved in leading worship at one of our churches in Redruth and supporting through worship in another church in Newquay. Also, We were able to host a worship event in one of the prayer rooms in Redruth and it was so good to do worship with others. 
– Internship.- for almost three months we were able to run an English Internship, which consists in involving different people from around the county to help by being conversational partners, which means that they help our interns to practice their English, while they eat together, have coffee together, visit different touristic places, etc. They also served all the local churches that we are involved with and managed to work alongside 6 churches during these last months.
– DTS.- In May we are planning to run a Discipleship Training School, it will be split in 3 tracks (outdoor adventure, media, creativity) and this is the third school. The tracks are created to help different trainees to choose their skill and passion.

Our family 

These last months we have been going through a transition into homeschooling, which it has opened so many more new doors for us as family.

– Work experience.- Ella had her work experience in YWAM Harpenden cafe and she loved it. Saria started to making bracelets and earrings and sold them in some local markets with me.
– Retreat.- Daniel and I have been so blessed by attending to a retreat, this retreat had a few testimonies from different couples from other countries. We encountered so much God’s character and provision over us in so many ways. God showers us so much with His extravaganza and challenge us to bless others too in the same way.
– Homeschooling.- as I mentioned above, part of our homeschooling is sharing with other kids as well. Wendy has been teaching Spanish to few others, which has been really encouraging as with some mums we cover different topics. We are so grateful for others that have stepped in to help in tutoring our girls. 

Celebration & prayers

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