The month of prayer, worship and intercession

There is so much to share that has been happening these last weeks.

As many of you know, England has gone into full lockdown again, schools are still running and some stores do essential shopping, but apart from that we are allowed to have a walk with one person. 

This last week we have been part of an initiative taken by one of our local pastors, where he had encouraged everybody in the county to go two by two to pray and intercede over this county wherever we are located. It has been so encouraging to see how many people are responding, taking pictures or sharing what they have done and with whom they have walked together to pray, worship or intercede. Daniel will be hiking with one of our staff to pray along the coast of Cornwall. Isn’t it amazing how God is bringing the body of Christ together through this time?

After our prayer walk we were able to have a feedback time to see what the Lord was saying and how he wants us to take action towards our neighbourhood. Lots of things are coming up and we are excited to share about this in these next weeks.

Next week we will be opening the doors of the chapel in the building that belong to a free Methodist church that let us use. This chapel has not been opened for a few years as far as we know and since last year, we were able to use this building to run the DTS. As a team we had a time of prayer and felt the Lord was confirming to open the place and offer private prayers. We have the permission of the trustees from the building and we are working in all the details of COVID regulations to make sure we are honouring the UK law during the lockdown, so we are making calls and printing COVID regulations signs to keep everybody safe.

I want to invite you to intercede for us and the team during this time. We are going to be doing rotas between our team to provide the space for people to come and have their own private prayer and share gospels to them. Please pray that it would be a space for those who don’t yet know Jesus to also come and find hope in him.

On Tuesday and Friday evenings our team will be leading different youth groups via Zoom from different churches in Camborne, St. Austell and Redruth. Please pray for wisdom as they plan and work with all the teenagers that they are serving.

Few months ago two of our staff wanting to start a young adult seminar online about sex, singleness and self-control. We are so excited to see them taking the lead in this one and feel very proud of them. Both of us were able to support them through making sure the form online and website is running ok for them to do this, so if you know anybody that would like to be part of this amazing seminar, here is the link where they can register.

Also on Fridays, Wendy is part of the team for an evening of online worship and prayer until midnight with one of our local churches. We want to invite you to join through this link as well to intercede and pray for what is in God’s heart along with the church for a change in this county and country. You can find the online livestreams in the click below.

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