What have the Snell’s been up to?


It’s been a little while since we were in touch. It’s been a busy few months, I know we say this a lot and I promise we are organising ourselves to be more regular with our updates.

We’ve finished up the Discipleship Training School and have moved into a new season of looking forwards to the rest of this year and changes in our team.

God's Big Story

In May Daniel was with a group of YWAMer’s in Paris. We were looking at the curriculum for YWAM’s Discipleship Training School and how we can keep providing the very best to those who come to train with YWAM. One key point from the week was when we looked at God’s big story of his creation and how He came to redeem us all. In Jesus’ death and resurrection He redeemed us to walk in relationship with Him and show the world who God is. The Bible calls us to be the salt and light to the world. To show who God is by being redeemed Image Bearers. It struck me as we were looking at this that this is our call, to be Image Bearers and through the work we do to see many more going out into the nations walking fully in who God has made them to be and to show the world of who He is through our lives. What a privilege it is to serve such and awesome God.

One of our roles is standing with and supporting others in their own walk. A way that we do this is through praying for those we train. The amazing gift of prayer is that we can stand together as His body and we can do that across the world. As much as we need your prayers as you stand with us in our ministry we would love to hear from you any prayer requests you might have. If you do have something you would like us to be praying for please send us a message either through our email or through Facebook or WhatsApp.


Our first YWAM Immerse Cornwall Discipleship Training School finished at the end of May and it has been such a rewarding 8 months of seeing God at work in the lives of all the trainee’s on the school. We began the lectures back in October last year going through different weeks looking at who God is, how Jesus came and redeemed us and how to walk into freedom from sin and be a part of the great commission to share the gospel in the nations. 

One of YWAM’s values is to Champion Young People. It has been so great to walk alongside our younger staff members and see them step out into leading different aspects of the school. One of them was our assistant leader and realised how important it is for us as family and couple to have somebody working alongside with us in leadership as we champion him. His main role was to support and step in when one of us can’t be available while we are with our girls. We are so proud of him for doing such a good job, also he led the DTS outreach along with another member of our staff and it has been so amazing to see how both of them led the outreach which such excellence, maturity and deep love for Jesus.

The team spent 10 weeks on outreach in Italy where they served with a church in Bari and then a YWAM team in Francavilla al Mare. For a better idea of what the DTS is and what the team did on outreach you can watch the video above that we made.


Please be praying for all those who were part of the DTS as they are now back home transitioning back into university, work or preparing for what God has for them next.

Our team has changed a bit since the DTS with some of the team leaving. We also have new team members who have joined us and feel called to be part of YWAM Immerse Cornwall. We have the Zilz family from Brazil and Gabi who is also from Brazil. We also have three of our trainees from the DTS who have stayed with us to work with us. They are being such key members to our team as we grow and we are so grateful.

In August our whole team served at CreationFest here in Cornwall. We’ve worked alongside CreationFest for the past few years and are really excited to be able to support them again this year. CreationFest managed to have 100 YWAMers including kids, who helped in kids work, youth work, skatepark, filming editing, toddlers. They all worked so hard and the outcome was amazing. There were lots of children and young people coming to Jesus,  one guy who was talking for 2 hours with one of the skaters DTS and after the talk he decided to accept Jesus and get baptised. How amazing is that!!!! God is so good.

As we look ahead to the rest of this year and next year we have a few things coming which we would love your prayers for.


In September our team will be starting a youth group in partnership with 4 churches in Camborne. This has been on the heart of our team for a while to see how we can support the churches in Camborne. Please pray for a great start to the youth group as the team prepares and for all the youth who will be coming.


​Please be praying for the team as we prepare and start the youth group and for unity amongst the churches involved.


We have been praying into our next DTS which will begin in January going through to mid July. As we’ve prayed into the school we felt to have some focused tracks. So we will have a track that focuses on the Surf & Skate community that we will partner with a church in Newquay with and a Local Youth track that will be focused here in Camborne and Pool. It will be called the Carn to Coast DTS. A Carn refers to a hill with rocks on top, just outside of Camborne, Pool and Redruth is Carn Brea a famous hill overlooking the area where we do ministry, and the Coast is for the surf and skate culture.


Please pray for us as we put the plans in place for the school and for all those who will apply to the school. Key prayer points are for accommodation as the team grows and for what we are trusting God for our student numbers.


If you know of anyone who would be interested in the school or if you are able to share to your church community we have the website updated with all the information about the Carn to Coast DTS at www.ywamimmersecornwall.com

As a family we have loved working together as a couple through this last DTS and we are really excited for the next school. Ella and Saria are very settled now in Cornwall and love living close to the sea and getting to be out in nature. This year Ella will begin at Secondary School and Saria will start year 4. Both girls love school and Ella is very excited to be going to a new school.


As full time missionaries with YWAM we rely on the prayers, support and financial giving of those who stand shoulder to shoulder with us in our ministry. 

If you feel like you would like to give in any way big or small you can do so using the following methods. We would also appreciate any prayers, if you have any words of encouragement or things you’ve felt from God in prayer we would love to receive those.

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